Liver Care Tips and Treatment of Liver Disorder

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Liver is one of the most functional organs in the human body. Often called the 'Engine of the body', the liver plays an important role in digesting, metabolizing and manufacturing essential enzymes. Some scientists consider liver to be more precious than the brain and the heart, due to the essential tasks that it performs.

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Liver is located on the right side of the abdomen under the lower ribs and just under the diaphragm which divides the chest from the abdomen as well as it are the most intelligent organs of the human body. Not only the liver is healthy it works very smoothly but also the liver can be affected by a number of serious disorders, such as all the body functioning gets disturbed.

A Liver disease can be described as the infection affecting liver. Cancer, Hepatitis, Glycogen storage disease type II, etc, are the disease that carry the liver damaging capacities.

The liver is being continuously attacked by alcohol, several drugs and the toxins that are present in the environment. It has the quality to guard against these invasions and is used in the management of several diseases affecting the liver including the gall bladder. Its worth has been proven in cases of jaundice and other allied diseases of the liver.

Now you might not have heard of milk thistle before. It's proper name is silybum marianum but it is also referred to as holy thistle. One reason it got it's name may be due to the fact that its leaves contain a milky like substance.

The liver produces bile which is very important for fat breakdown.  It detoxifies pollutants that go into our bloodstream.  The more exposed you are to pollutants the harder your liver has to work.

Things like air pollutants, pesticides, heavy metals like mercury and arsenic, nasty by products of our heavy industries. Although codes and laws help prevent the damage previous generations were exposed to, these toxins still exist around us and in the workplace.

Not only that, when you do repair your liver the milk thistle will also help to block any damage that alcohol or other ailments could cause. Take a look here to find out about milk thistle and liver care and how a supplement will help you!

Good hygiene and the use of nourishing skincare products, hair treatments and protective nail polishes are necessary for treating from the outside in. A healthy diet, good nutrition and dietary supplements are the best approaches for treating from the inside out.

Liver plays many important functions it helps in regulating, storing, synthesizing, transforming and secreting. Also visit Liver Supplements the major function of the liver is to store the nutrients like minerals, proteins and glycogen.

These asanas improves the circulation of the blood to the hepatic cells, sensitises lymph nodes supplying liver, removes the toxins in the peritoneum and hepatic region.

Eat vegetable raw or steamed with slight ghee ( Clarified butter) to help the agni to burn evenly. Most grains are acceptable, cooling leaves such as coriander and spices like cumin will provide added advantage. Cardamom, cilantro, coriander, cumin, dill, fennel, mint, saffron, and tumeric aids.

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Read more on Liver Disorder Treatment and Yoga for Musculoskeletal Disorders and Hepatitis Remedies

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Liver Care Tips and Treatment of Liver Disorder

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