Fitness Equipment, iJoy Fitness Machines and Fitness Exercise Fun

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The iJoy Fitness Machines are fitness equipment apparatus designed to work all major muscles giving a fantastic fitness exercise workout whilst having fun! A World-leading sports research centre has even tested the effectiveness of the iJoy Twist. (Part2)

 IJoy Board £399 – The Human Touch Board has been engineered to work your muscles by challenging your stance. The iJoy fitness machine board workout involves your hips, legs, abdominal and lumbar muscles, and oblique’s. The Fitness equipment Board’s unique balance challenge works your muscles while you simply keep your balance. This balance trainer is a fun and easy way to strengthen tone, reshape and train your body! You don’t have to be a fitness exercise board-sport junkie to enjoy the many fun and healthy benefits of the iJoy Board!

The iJoy Fitness Machines are a unique, convenient, anytime balance trainer with an interactive way to flatten your stomach and strengthen your legs and core muscles right at home. Just hop on the non-slip fitness equipment trainer platform, select your program and speed using the infrared wireless remote control, and experience the excitement and fitness exercise benefits of a realistic board ride. By just maintaining your stance on the iJoy Board, you’ll increase core strength, balance and coordination skills, while tightening muscles throughout your legs, back and midsection. Turn your boring workouts into boarding workouts – with the iJoy Board fitness machines

The iJoy Ride Fitness Machines have been engineered to work your core muscles by challenging your balance, designed to give you all the fitness benefits of horse riding on a fitness equipment apparatus in the comfort of your home.  Saddle up, you will get to work out your core muscles, abs and inner thighs for a fantastic fitness exercise ride.

The iJoy Ride Fitness Machines do all the work; you just sit back, keep your balance, and have fun! Test your skills by varying the speed of the fitness equipment apparatus or choose the auto-program and let the Ride take control, dishing out a combination of all four fitness exercise speeds.

The 3-axis motion of the iJoy Fitness Machines challenges all these different muscle groups at the same time, so no need to waste your time doing different fitness exercises for each muscle group. Your lumber muscles get a great workout too; this leads to a stronger back and a reduced risk of back problems. The toning benefits of this workout will help you to shape up without having to go to the gym. The rider helps to improve your posture; balance, blood circulation and cardiovascular fitness, making this fitness equipment machine a great all-rounder for working out in the comfort of your own home. You can simply set out on a 15 minute trot or turn up the speed for a more strenuous exercise, allowing you to vary your workout program at a pace that suits you.  IJoy Fitness Machines maximum weight for the fitness equipment is 125kg. Fitness Equipment and Fun!

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Fitness Equipment, iJoy Fitness Machines and Fitness Exercise Fun

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Fitness Equipment, iJoy Fitness Machines and Fitness Exercise Fun

This article was published on 2011/12/07