Air Climber Stepper - Home Fitness Equipment for Lateral Thigh Training

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When we think about a well toned body, the first thing that comes into mind is spending hours in gym doing rigorous workouts. But with the advent of new home fitness equipments, most people are finding it very convenient to get the weight loss solution and fitness at their place only. Air Climber is one such home fitness equipment that ensures well-toned and fit body with easy and comfortable workouts that do not put much pressure on joints or muscles. It is basically a fun way of working out even while you are watching TV. The exercise that you do using Air Climber Fitness Stepper is easy on your body that you don’t even notice how time flies. Unlike other heavy fitness equipments, it doesn’t use heavy machinery rather the whole body of the Fitness Stepper is made of a non-metal material.

Easy stepper workouts

If you are looking for a whole body workout using single fitness equipment, Air Climber is the ultimate solution for you. It comes with a free DVD that guides you through all types workouts that can be done using the Fitness Stepper. The objective of these unique workouts is to target hips, buttocks, legs, abs, thighs, and areas of upper body. If you are a new user or have been using this exercise equipment, the complement workout DVD helps you in doing four different 20-minute stepper workouts.

Benefits of Air Climber

Being a durable and portable home fitness equipment, the Air Climber Fitness Stepper helps you work out in such a way that you get an effective weight loss without any stress or strain. The Air Power Technology (APT) is the new age technology that creates resistance using the power of air to give you easy yet powerful workouts. This exercise equipment increases your metabolism rate with help of cardio workouts to burn more fat and calories. This not only ensures an effective weight loss, but also maintains a healthy rate. You shed extra pounds while toning muscles of thighs, calves, buttocks, midriff region, legs, abs, and lower back while exercising in a fun-filled way. The additional attachable chords provided with the Fitness Stepper take care of your upper body parts such as biceps, triceps, and shoulders in building muscles.

How does the Fitness Stepper work?

When you step on one of the bellows, the steppers gets compressed and the air passes through the bellows inflating the other one, the same way it works for other stepper also. There is a dial in between the two pedals, which helps in increasing or decreasing the tension or intensity level of the workout. The air flow is controlled by this dial. If you are using the fitness equipment for the first time, keep the dial setting on position 1. Over the time, you can increase this setting further.

Lateral thigh training with the Fitness Stepper

The Air Climber can help in lateral thigh training by moving the legs in more directions than just up and down. This movement targets more muscles than usual workouts and is more like skating. The plus point is that while doing lateral thigh training using this equipment, you are also getting cardio workouts for getting more positive results.

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Air Climber Stepper - Home Fitness Equipment for Lateral Thigh Training

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Air Climber Stepper - Home Fitness Equipment for Lateral Thigh Training

This article was published on 2011/08/03