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Hearing is not at all a curse in the present day situation, because hearing aids are available for such people who cannot hear and have been suffering since long. These hearing aids are a type of electronic device which can be fitted in or behind the ear, with a support. These aids are designed in such a way that the wearer can adjust the sound frequency according to their requirement. There are many varieties of hearing aid, and these can be used by the wearer depending upon the type of problem, frequency of hearing and their comfort level.
There are people who need hearing aid for different reasons like conductive hearing loss where ear drum or the bones of the ear are damaged sensorineural hearing loss where the auditory nerve is damaged. These are the two common types of hearing loss. Hearing loss can also be due to head injuries, repeated exposure to loud noises, infections, diseases or even birth defects and other reasons. Hearing capacity of children should be detected at early stage and should be noticed by the parents. Routine and regular checkups are very necessary to rule the hearing problem in the children.Many laboratories have been designing different kinds of hearing aids for the benefit of such people. People find it easy to use and are able to carry out their routine work without any hassle. They feel thankful to such kind of development.

oticon hearing aids

Oticon is a company thatsupplies the hearing aids. They supply best hearing aid so that the wearer can rediscover the hearing and can connect to the world like other normal human being. Oticon supplies different types of hearing aids.

Bernafon hearing aids

Bernafon supplies hearing aids. It is a company from Switzerland. Though bernafon is a sister company of Oticon, It is considered to be the biggest supplier. They also have discounts on certain type of Bernafon hearing aids.

Sonic innovation hearing aids

Sonic innovations are one of the largest growing hearing aid companies and are known well known worldwide. They sell many varieties of digital hearing aids depending upon the human hearing.  They have their companies at many different places worldwide.Sonic innovations supply hearing aids of different models.

Starkey hearing aids

Starkey hearing aids are custom made. Starkey targets Indian market by ten percent. They provide maximum number of hearing aids to children. Starkey delivers the hearing aids to the people and comforts them.

Hearing aid for children

Children are more prone to loss to hearing and they are very susceptible to sound. Their level of frequency is lower compared to adults. Choosing a hearing aids for childrenbecomes very important and also to wear them at proper age as the kids below five years may find difficult to wear these machines. When a hearing aid is to be selected for children a certified letter from the audiologist becomes very necessary, because the working pattern is different from that of adults. So make sure that your kid gets the best hearing aid.

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A Boon for deaf

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This article was published on 2012/03/26